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Patricia's Story (added January 2019)


Patricia Clinton (Alias) is a 72 y/o married female living with her husband in their shared home. A referral was initially received for assistance in obtaining a ramp for the home, however, the family was able to obtain this on their own prior to the first home visit. Patricia and her husband kept the appointment for the first home visit so that the Community Care Counselor could discuss other possible needs with them. Patricia has suffered from chronic illnesses for the past 18 years and recently underwent “hot chemo” for peritoneal cancer that left her feeling extremely weak. Her husband was concerned about leaving her home alone for any period of time due to immobility issues. She is unable to get up from the elevated toilet seat, even with grab bars, and he did not want her to attempt to do this on her own while he was out of the house. Patricia is also prone to falls.


Patricia and her husband reside in a double wide home in rural Dearborn County and have limited family support. Their home is very clean and uncluttered and husband takes care of all of this. They were very uncomfortable with the prospect of having an outsider come into the home for supervision and general assistance with Activities of Daily Living, but were at a loss as to what to do. After a lot of discussion, it was determined that Patricia and her husband have a long standing friend, whom they trust, that is in need of some spending money. They had not considered this option prior to the visit and were surprised at such a simple and obvious solution for the problem. They contacted the friend who gladly accepted the offer and it has worked out very well for all concerned. Had they not met with an impartial third party, they may not have reached this resolution. The husband since called to express his appreciation for the help received and to say that this has made their lives easier and more enjoyable. Submitted by Kit Gomien, Community Care Counselor.


An estimated two hours were needed to resolve the issue and there was no cost for services other than what the family has agreed to pay the friend. The case has since been closed and Patricia is no longer a client with LifeTime, but is aware to give us a call in the future if additional assistance is ever needed.



Arnie's Story (added December 2018)


Arnie is 51 years old and has been receiving services through LifeTime (LTR) since February 2018. He lives alone in his own residence and has no caregiver to assist with daily living activities. He does have a church family that provides him transportation when needed for appointments and errands. Arnie does not have nursing facility level of care, but it became apparent that he would benefit from the addition of homemaking services.p>


One of the greatest challenges for Arnie is seizures and the problems they caused in caring for his two rescue canine companions - one small 5 year old male named Lucky and a 65 pound black female Lab named Blue. Arnie did not want to give up his beloved dogs, but because he felt he could no longer take care of them properly, he knew it was in their best interest to find them new homes. Arnie’s Home Care Manager asked the assigned Case Coordinator (CC) to assist. The CC called Arnie to talk over options and because Arnie didn’t like the idea of sending Lucky and Blue to a shelter, the CC started the process of finding new homes for both. First, the CC emailed LTR Staff, sharing information on Lucky and Blue. Fiscal staff member, Misty Smith, responded immediately, and, with Arnie’s blessing, Lucky was adopted by a loving family. Lucky sleeps in bed beside Misty’s son, takes walks with the family, and has transitioned effortlessly. Misty and her husband keep in touch with Arnie by giving him updates on Lucky and sharing pictures as well.


Through continued conversations with other LTR staff regarding Blue, CC Alaynna Lawrence found a good friend of hers who wanted Blue. CC-Lawrence made arrangements with Arnie to pick Blue up, drove Blue to Shelbyville and met Blue’s new owners. Shortly after placement, Blue’s new family shared pictures of the dog playing in her new home and taking a ride with the family in their SUV.


Though Arnie misses his friends, he is so very pleased that they are in good hands, loved, and happy in their new homes.


Home Care Manager: Janice Henry



Joe's Story (added September 2018)


I became a volunteer for the VASIA program with Sentry Services along with my husband and two friends. At the end of January we began our monthly visits with the residents at the ResCare group home located in Dillsboro. One of the individuals we visit with is Joe (not his real name). Sentry Services has been Joe’s guardian since 2011. Joe is 72 years old and his diagnosis includes profound mental retardation and he is non-verbal.


In the first few months, Joe would just sit in the recliner and look at magazines. He would occasionally look up and would nod in response to direct questions but that was the extent of the involvement in the visit. With each visit Joe has become more open and responsive to us.


At the end of last month’s visit, Joe gave volunteer, Evelyn, a hug when we left. This month, when I came around the corner into the living room, Joe saw me, got right out of his chair, and came up to me and gave me a hug, then he looked for Evelyn! He took us to his room and showed us pictures of cars that were recently hung up in his room. He also opened his dresser drawers to show us other items.


Huge milestones! Seeing Joe’s smile and getting his hug absolutely made our day!


Home and Community Care Administrative Assistant and VASIA Volunteer: Beth Fleming


Anabelle's Story (added July 2018)


Seventy-two year old Annabelle receives homemaking and case management services through LifeTime and has been with us since 2011. Though she has compromised vision and other chronic conditions, Annabelle proudly retains her independence and lives in her own apartment. With her vision challenges, though, Annabelle sometimes needs transportation support, most importantly for her medical visits. One such instance had her needing both a ride and escort to a Cincinnati hospital for a very important appointment. Since Annabelle has no family available to help, our Case Coordinator (CC) took the challenging problem upon herself to solve.


The task proved even more difficult and time consuming than anticipated. Via multiple phone calls back and forth, the CC coordinated transportation with both Catch-A-Ride (CAR) and the hospital to ensure there was someone waiting to assist Annabelle in getting in and out of the facility. Annabelle’s fears of walking without assistance were allayed and she said that because of the interventions of LifeTime’s CC, CAR, and the hospital staff, she “felt safe and secure.”


The CC’s involvement was not yet over. After the over night stay at the hospital, Annabelle still needed to get home and the CC made sure that happened by coordinating with a local nursing facility, Ridgewood, in arranging a ride for her. Going above and beyond, a Ridgewood staff member supplied their personal phone number to Annabelle and refused to leave her until she was settled at home. When the CC followed up with her, Annabelle said that she was pleased with and grateful for all that had been done on her behalf and for the services that had been provided to her.