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Donations and Memorials

Many thanks for the following donations made between June 2019 and November 2019.


 leaf bullet Barbara Fitch leaf bullet Brenda O'Neal leaf bullet Carol Poling leaf bullet Cynthia Rottinghaus  leaf bullet Daniel & Lani Valas leaf bullet Diana Berry leaf bullet Dolores Fritsch leaf bullet Donnie Hastings, Jr. leaf bullet First Baptist Church  leaf bullet Fred Dausch leaf bullet Greg Townes leaf bullet John & Janet Wardleaf bullet Joseph Fleming leaf bullet Randall & Barbara Johnston leaf bullet Sara Richards leaf bullet Steven Crabtree




leaf bullet None at this time


Local Government


leaf bullet City of Lawrenceburg  leaf bullet City of Rising Sun leaf bullet Dearborn County Community Foundation leaf bullet Franklin Township  leaf bullet Jefferson County leaf bullet Switzerland County Community Foundation leaf bullet Town of Dillsboro leaf bullet Town of Hanover leaf bullet Town of Sunman





 leaf bullet  None at this time


Angel Tree Donations


leaf bullet None at this time


We are also supported by

 leaf bullet United Way of Greater Cincinnati leaf bullet Jefferson County United Way  leaf bullet Decatur County United Fund



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