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Donations and Memorials

Many thanks for the following donations made between October 2019 and March 2020.


 leaf bullet Cardinal Office Supplies leaf bullet Diana Berry  leaf bullet Douglas A Garner  leaf bullet Greg Townes leaf bullet Nicholas Comparone leaf bullet Patricia Luken 




leaf bullet None at this time


Local Government


leaf bullet City of Batesville leaf bullet City of Greendale leaf bullet City of Lawrenceburg leaf bullet City of Madison leaf bullet City of Rising Sun leaf bullet Dearborn County leaf bullet Decatur County leaf bullet Hanover Township leaf bullet Jackson Township (Dearborn Co) leaf bullet Jackson Township (Ripley Co) leaf bullet Ohio County leaf bullet Otter Creek Township leaf bullet Pleasant Township leaf bullet Ripley County leaf bullet Shelby Township (Jefferson County) leaf bullet Switzerland County Community Foundation leaf bullet Town of Dillsboro leaf bullet Town of Hanover leaf bullet Town of Holton leaf bullet Town of Milan leaf bullet Town of Osgood leaf bullet Town of Vevay leaf bullet York Township (Dearborn Co)





 leaf bullet  None at this time


Angel Tree Donations


leaf bullet Diana Barry leaf bullet Steve Crabtree leaf bullet Brenda O'Neal leaf bullet Carol Poling leaf bullet Carol Rhodes leaf bullet Ron Richards leaf bullet Frieda Richerson leaf bullet Cindy Rottinghaus leaf bullet First Bapist Church of Aurora leaf bullet Misty Robbins leaf bullet Olive Branch Church (Sandy Ward) leaf bullet Sam Mink leaf bullet Michelle Guidice leaf bullet Misty Smith leaf bullet Jennifer McClellan leaf bullet Yvonne Downey leaf bullet Sherrie Knox leaf bullet Angie Taylor leaf bullet Mia Hofstetter leaf bullet Sally Beckley leaf bullet Kristin Fehr leaf bullet Robin Ritchie leaf bullet Kylee Scudder leaf bullet Amber Walker leaf bullet Erin Thomas leaf bullet Brenda Thayer leaf bullet Batesville Lions Club leaf bullet Candi Gillespie leaf bullet Switzerland County Foundation leaf bullet Amber Moppin leaf bullet Crissy Meyer leaf bullet Ashley Rudd leaf bullet Melissa Buchong leaf bullet Kelsey Fullenkamp leaf bullet Dawn Jordan


We are also supported by

 leaf bullet United Way of Greater Cincinnati leaf bullet Jefferson County United Way  leaf bullet Decatur County United Fund



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