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Donations and Memorials

Many thanks for the following donations made between June 2020 and November 2020.


 leaf bullet Jessica Dixon  leaf bullet Joseph Fleming  leaf bullet Nancy Abner  leaf bullet Teresa Noland  




leaf bullet None at this time


Local Government


leaf bullet City of Lawrenceburg leaf bullet City of Rising Sun leaf bullet Jefferson County leaf bullet Shelby Township (Ripley County) leaf bullet York Township (Switzerland County)





 leaf bullet  None at this time


Angel Tree Donations


leaf bullet  Cynthia Rottinghaus leaf bullet Erin Thomas leaf bullet Diana Stott leaf bullet Mary Clark leaf bullet Kelly Barlow leaf bullet Brenda Thayer leaf bullet Jamie Lutes leaf bullet Michelle Guidice leaf bullet Patty Mueller leaf bullet Ronald Richard leaf bullet Casey Robinson leaf bullet Jessica Dixon leaf bullet Dee Hudson leaf bullet Barb Anderson leaf bullet Jennifer McClellan leaf bullet Diana Barry leaf bullet First Baptist Church leaf bullet Yvonne Downey leaf bullet Amber Walker leaf bullet Nathalie Stephan


We are also supported by

 leaf bullet United Way of Greater Cincinnati leaf bullet Jefferson County United Way  leaf bullet Decatur County United Fund



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