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Below are some highlights. To learn more, please see the full  history.


1974:  The Council was organized in and incorporated in 1975 as Area 12 Agency on Aging. It was designated by the governor as one of the sixteen area agencies on aging in the State of Indiana


1975:  The nutrition program began.


1976: Our name was changed to Area 12 Council on Aging.


1979: The Council on Aging became known as Area 12 Friendly Services. At this time, services added by the area agency were transportation, invalid coach (non-emergency ambulance), case management, homemaker, handyman, activity visitor, and recreation.


1982:  The agency began provision of nursing home ombudsman.

1986: Began the Respite Care to provide occasional relief from daily caring for a family member at home.


I990:  The Adult Guardianship Pilot program began. 1991: Medicaid Waiver program began and many individuals at risk of institutionalization were maintained at home. Our Respite Care program was expanded to serve people on weekends and evenings.


1995: Marked our 20th Anniversary. The name was changed to Area 12 Council on Aging and Community Services, Inc. to better reflect the expansion of our services to all age groups with a need that could be met through home and community based services.


1996: We moved to a new office building and dedicated our conference room to Board Member Emeritus H.C. “Red” Benedict and our consultation room to Board Member Emeritus Dellas Ross. We also joined the Great Lakes Alliance –a coalition of 10 agencies from five states formed to develop ways to increase revenue.


1998: A second bus was added to the Dearborn County Public Transit system (SEIT).  We expanded the route to include several more areas of Aurora, Lawrenceburg and Greendale including the Dearborn County Hospital area.


1999:  We received seed money to start our Aging Resource Center. 


2000:  Developed new names for two corporations – LifeTime Resources, Inc. and LifeTime Housing Group – and the public transit program – Catch-A-Ride (CAR).  We began the expansion of the Catch-A-Ride program to all five counties. 


2001: Catch-A-Ride won three statewide awards.


2004: Marked the expansion of the Catch-A-Ride program into Decatur County.


2007: Catch-A-Ride received a grant from the Cincinnati Health Foundation to address the transportation needs of medically underserved individuals. 


2008:  Became a certified Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).


2010:  We expanded our Information and Referral service to the target population served by the Aging and Disability Resource Center.


2012:  Received a grant to document LifeTime Resources Options Counseling approach that has prevented us from having waiting lists for in-home services and to test the effectiveness of the program in a large urban setting (South Bend and surrounding counties).  The testing was very successful and there are plans for a statewide rollout.


2013: Began Home Med Assessments, which searches for possible undesirable drug interactions; this also was made available on our website.


2014:‚Äč All 16 Area Agencies on Aging came together to develop an LLC for the purpose of contracting with Medicaid managed care providers for services that cover the entire state. 


2015: Began providing care management assistance under a contract with Anthem to serve a targeted group of Medicaid recipients.  Received a grant from the Division of Aging to enhance the service provided in the ADRC.  


2016: The Area Agencies on Aging were awarded the contract for the  Money Follows the Person Medicaid Waiver program which assists individuals transferring from nursing homes to a community based location.  All of Indiana’s 16 Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) came together under the umbrella, Indiana INconnect Alliance.  


2017:  LTHG sold their ownership in Dublin Village Apartments and Tyson School Apartments. Received a VASIA (Volunteer Advocates for Seniors or Incapacitated Adults) grant for Dearborn County to support the Sentry Services program.


2018: Received VASIA grant for Jefferson County to support the Sentry Services program. Catch-A-Ride partnered with Margaret Mary Health (MMH) to develop a transportation services to/from any of MMH’s 13 designated facilities.


2019: Received a $500,000 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant through Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) for the renovation of North Dearborn Village (Logan I). Achieved accreditation through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Case Management for Long Term Services and Supports. Catch-A-Ride contracted with Southeastrans for traditional Medicaid. Sally Beckley, Executive Director of 45 years, announced her plan to retire. Erin Thomas, prior Catch-A-Ride Director and Assistant Executive Director, was promoted as her replacement.


2020: Received Families First Coronavirus Response Act and CARES Act funding in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Implemented the Kind Caller and Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral (TCARE) programs. Catch-A-Ride became a Medicaid Waiver provider and contracted with Access2Care and WellTrans. Transferred ownership of North Dearborn Village from LifeTime Housing Group to LifeTime Resources. Completed office renovations and improved technology.


2021: Participated in COVID-19 Vaccine Education, Registration, and Transportation Coordination. Subscribed to hb/notify, a health information exchange. Contracted with Managed Health Services (MHS) as an extension of the care management team. Played an active role on the State’s planned transition to Managed Long Term Services and Supports (mLTSS). Received a grant from Anthem to address social determinants of health. Partnered with the Boys and Girls Club to manage the Jefferson County SNAC site programs. Were awarded a $500,000 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Grant for North Dearborn Village, Phase II. Transitioned to a new IT Support provider.



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